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** MADE BY ARTISANS ** in Marrakesh, Morocco

We are Mariam and Fadi, A Moroccan couple that is in Love with Moroccan Craftsmanship. Being born and raised in Morocco is so Magical. Just with a simple walk in the Old Medina (Inner City) and Souks (Markets) We always find ourselves amazed by the beauty of the Moroccan Crafts and the meaningful history behind it. Every time feels as if it is the first time.

We know that People from all over the world love Morocco and would love to visit it and aquire the handmade crafts that Morocco is famous for, like Rugs, Poufs, Baskets, Lanterns... But visiting is not an Option for everybody, So we thought We will bring Morocco to your Hands.

And that's how we decided to create MARRAKESHINE™.

Marrakeshine Founders


100% Made By Skilled Artisans

From the Astonishing Berber Women that weave beautiful rugs in The Northern Atlas Mountains, to Marrakesh Leather workers that create Elegant Poufs, We have a great relationship with Artisans from all over Morocco, Women and Men who have dedicated their lives to creating beautiful Handcrafted pieces with pure Passion and Love.   



Our Number one priority, We love communicating and helping our customers with all of their inquiries and orders as we are here for you 24/7 wether by email, Phone, Or Instagram and Facebook Messages. or +212630113730

Please Do not hesitate to contact us We Love hearing from you and helping you.